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DYNA-HANGER II™ Mid-Span Cable Suspension System – Designed for Faster, Safer High Load Seismic Towing

DYNA-HANGER II system offers multiple-degrees of freedom which allows spreader rope loads to pass through with minimal effect on the lead-in cable.

The tool-free design allows for ease of installation – faster cable deployments and retrievals. Installation can be performed anywhere along the cable for unlimited attachment possibilities in a few simple steps:

  • Wrap the helical rods on the lead-in
  • Install split housing and collar assembly; secure with quick release pins
  • Mount suspension arms and sheaves
  • Installation complete


Several configurable kits and accessories are available:

  • Sheave Kit
  • Rotating Sheave Mount Kit
  • Sheave Pin Kit with Weak Link (break away feature at specified load)
  • Pad Eye for float attachment and back-up rope
  • Floatation DYNA II
  • PMI DYNA-BSR™ Bending Strain Relief

Re-usable Hardware Offers Significant Cost-Savings

The DYNA II Retermination Kit includes new helical rods and inserts to allow you to re-use the outer hardware. Storage on the cable drum is possible by removing the outer hardware while leaving the housing or the helical rods intact.

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Quicker and Easier Installation. No Tools. No Kidding.

Apply Helical

Apply helical rods on cable

split housing and collar

Install split housing and collar 

add suspension arms

Add suspension arms

secure in place

Secure in place