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PMI is a long-time supplier of cable hardware and value-added services for major defense programs, research projects and commercial applications worldwide. Highly survivable designs, proven assembly techniques and years of experience are employed in building our products and services.

We offer proven solutions for these and other applications:

  • Seismic / Survey / Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Defense / Surveillance
  • Ocean Equipment / Monitoring / Fisheries
  • Cable Installation
  • Salvage / Search / Recovery
  • ROVs / Vessels / Work Boats

We offer unique solutions to unique needs:

  • Moored Cable Systems
  • Full-Strength Electro-Optcal Terminations and Joints
  • Articulated Dual-Density Tow Cable Joints and Terminations
  • Cast & Dipped Applications
  • Thermistor Arrays and Buoy Mooring Cables
  • Breakaway Terminations
  • Synthetic Fiber Terminations
  • Small Profile Terminations
  • Bottom Fixed Cables
  • Surface Towed Arrays
  • Deep Towed Instruments

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