Decades of Subsea Cable Hardware Experience

Since 1969, PMI has earned a reputation for manufacturing highly reliable underwater cable systems, assemblies, and products.

Today, we offer full-service engineering from concept to production, cable hardware and kits, cable protection and management, custom cable systems, and simulated at-sea testing services.

Clients and Expertise

We provide underwater cable products and services to customers around the world. Our customers work in commercial ocean industries, the military, and educational and research institutions exploring marine frontiers. Our experience spans:

  • Seismic / Survey / Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Defense / Surveillance
  • Ocean Equipment / Monitoring / Fisheries
  • Cable Installation
  • Salvage / Search / Recovery
  • ROVs / Vessels / Work Boats
  • Renewable Energy
  • Offshore Wind
  • Wave & Tidal
  • And more

Learn More

To learn more about PMI and our experience in a specific industry or with specific products or solutions, schedule a time to talk. We’re happy to elaborate on our experience.