happy holidays

As we embark on 2016, PMI wishes all of our friends in the subsea cable industries a happy and healthy new year

We’re excited for the coming year, and to share the enthusiasm and high expectations among industry leaders for steady growth in 2016. RenewableUK, a trade association for wind and marine energy, predicts a busy year ahead for the wind industry. We couldn’t agree more, with over 50 onshore wind projects, and an additional six offshore… Read More

ocean engineering

How Deep Ocean Engineering Companies are Diversifying

As the energy market continues to turn away from oil and gas and towards renewable energy, many companies that specialize in deep ocean engineering, like PMI, are following suit. One company that has made great efforts to shift from oil and gas into the renewable energy field are the Norwegian subsea specialists Ocean Installer. The… Read More

2015 seg

Recap of 2015 SEG New Orleans

Photo credit: www.pgs.com Weak oil prices weighed heavily on the folks attending last month’s annual meeting of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. Time and again, the people we talked to at 2015 SEG New Orleans were on the prowl for cooperative cost-saving opportunities. With crude oil prices down more 50 percent from their June 2014… Read More

subsea industry

Two great ways to tackle the challenges you face in the subsea industry

Operators and suppliers in the offshore oil and gas industry face major challenges as the industry matures: increased production losses, technical issues with legacy equipment, evolving business models for maintenance and repair, supply chain constraints, rising delivery costs, and an inability to improve production. Companies are even putting off recruiting apprentices because of the time… Read More

subsea cable damage

Preventing cable damage at the forefront

Did you know that submarine cables are at most risk of damage during installation? Stresses placed upon the cable as it is installed can manifest and cause catastrophic failures to your system. The time it takes to repair such a cable can vary from weeks to many months and becomes a costly endeavor. Using a… Read More

energy revolution

Keeping an eye on trends leading the energy revolution

There’s no shortage of bad news these days, but looking at the trends in renewable energy, there’s plenty of hope. Last year, the world broke a record for new wind installations, installing nearly three wind turbines each hour. At that rate the need for proven subsea equipment will certainly increase as well. At PMI, we are focused on this… Read More

subsea equipment

The ups and downs of subsea equipment costs

Subsea equipment (umbilicals, risers, flowlines) and pipelines are generally one third of all expenditure of a total project. Equipment purchases add up quickly and in order to save costs, companies will be looking for hardware with proven results – hardware that increases efficiency and quickly realizes a significant return on investment. Statoil CEO Eldar Sætre recently stated that over the… Read More

wave technology

Preparing to equip wave technology companies

In the United States, wave energy technology is less advanced than tidal. But as interest grows, companies like ours are prepared to equip these new tidal power companies with proven subsea cable hardware helping them become profitable sources of electricity. Small tidal power companies are taking advantage of the rising interest in alternative energies. Large amounts of coastal waters… Read More

cost savings

Jumpstart your cost savings with hydrodynamic efficiencies

Cost-saving mode is not the best time for trial projects. Instead, it’s an opportunity to drive innovative ways to reduce cost. At PMI, we are focused the potential to save on operating costs by simply considering the hydrodynamic efficiency of your cable hardware. Sinking profits could be a good trigger to reconsider the drilling and completion… Read More