Why You Should Invest in Full Strength Underwater Cable Terminations

  Blog Summary: 80% of unexpected challenges and delays in marine projects is cable failure. Cable failure creates risks for losing expensive subsea equipment. Full-strength underwater cable terminations prevent cable failure during deployment and retrieval of subsea equipment. Unlike other helical terminations, PMI’s grips are built to hold your subsea cable to the full-rated breaking… Read More

PMI Attends Oceanology International 2018

The Oceanology International conference covers such a wide range of industries, all with the common mission of measuring, developing, protecting, or operating in the world’s oceans, providing lots of room for potential collaborations and idea sharing among market leaders. Being a conference with numerous offshore/subsea market leaders in attendance, it provides an opportunity for attendees… Read More

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Planning a Marine Energy Project: Cable Considerations

Whether marine energy project planners deploy wind, wave or tidal devices, they cannot afford to overlook the basics: transmitting power back to the mainland via electrical cables. There’s an abundant body of knowledge on transmitting electrical power via underwater cables because power companies have been doing it decades. Indeed, Europe’s mature offshore wind industry has amassed… Read More

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Pros and Cons of Floating Platforms in Marine Renewable Energy

Are floating platforms the future of marine renewable energy? It’s hard to tell just yet. Floating platforms have been bulwarks of the oil and gas industries for decades. If we can use a floating platform to drill from the ocean surface down through kilometers of bedrock, how hard could it be to mount a wind… Read More

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Environmental Concerns of Marine Energy

Generating electricity from waves or tides requires placing large mechanical devices in the middle of complex, fragile ecosystems. How will life respond to these intrusions? Because we’re so early in the evolution of marine energy, environmental concerns post a host of serious questions, such as: What have we learned from the development of artificial reefs?… Read More

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Obstacles to Developing Marine Renewable Energy in the U.S.

In theory, thousands of miles of shoreline should make the United States an ideal locale for developing marine renewable energy. But tapping the energy from all the waves pounding the shores of the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts of the U.S., is an incredibly complex prospect. A wide range of obstacles must be overcome. Topographical… Read More

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Market Opportunities Abound for Marine Energy Technology

Companies that feel like they’ve missed the boom in offshore wind power technology may have the chance to ride a new wave of innovation with the rise of marine energy technology. Converting the solar and kinetic power of our oceans into cheap, practical electricity seems like a far-off hope right now, but at some point… Read More

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Four Methods of Marine Energy Conversion

Four intriguing technologies hold the potential to tap into the vast renewable energy of our oceans. Nobody expects these marine energy technologies to replace coal, petroleum or natural gas in the near future. Instead, they could become assets in a diverse portfolio of technologies that can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and temper the… Read More

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Challenges in the Installation and Repair of Marine Energy Devices

Turning our oceans into a reliable power source means putting complex devices in treacherous, ever-changing environments. The sea is much friendlier to sharks than to subsea power turbines. PMI has been providing cable hardware for oil exploration and other subsea projects for decades, so we know only too well the challenges of putting anything in… Read More

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Six Obstacles to the Development and Commercialization of Marine Energy Devices

  Marine energy is a beguiling concept because our oceans have massive energy potential. Oceans can produce kinetic energy and store solar energy, both of which can be converted into electricity to replace fossil fuels that contribute to global warming. But surface water on our planet also produces significant challenges: it’s turbulent, corrosive and teeming… Read More