marine energies

PMI Proud to Represent the U.S. at International Marine Energies Technology Course

It’s one thing to dream about the immense power residing in our planet’s oceans. It’s quite another to put human ingenuity to work tapping into the ocean’s powers. That was the backdrop of the International Marine Energies Technologies Course, held in mid-March in The Netherlands. Some of the best minds in marine energy technologies gave… Read More

Fixing damaged cables

How Robots are Fixing Damaged Subsea Cables

We have previously discussed the various ways subsea cables can be damaged underwater (Link:, but how are these cables fixed? The answer lies on a ship like the Pierre de Fermat, a ship specially designed for undersea cable repairs.  Once the break location is identified, the ship launches a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to retrieve… Read More

wave and tidal

Wave and tidal on a massive scale – really massive

The ocean is a big place. The equipment and tools we build for working in the subsea is pretty big too. And apparently there’s room to continue to grow – because projects like the massive Delta Stream Turbine by Tidal Energy are going to prove how big things are going to get. They built one… Read More

energy training

Marine technology training happening in our own backyards

Equipping ROVs is a growing industry for us, so it’s exciting to read about America’s very first Bachelor of Science in Maritime Technology program, offered by Northwestern Michigan College, and their special Falcon ROV. The Falcon is the most widely used ROV in the industry and students are most likely to come across in their working life. We’re thrilled… Read More


Shipwreck exploration is a growing industry for subsea hardware

As we find our products being used more and more for shipwreck explorations, we were really excited to read about this one nearly in our backyard in Lake Michigan and learning that there are many more to discover. The bottom of Lake Michigan is literally a graveyard of shipwrecks. Local maritime historians say 1,200 of the 2,000 sunken vessels… Read More

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