PMI Attends Oceanology International 2018

The Oceanology International conference covers such a wide range of industries, all with the common mission of measuring, developing, protecting, or operating in the world’s oceans, providing lots of room for potential collaborations and idea sharing among market leaders. Being a conference with numerous offshore/subsea market leaders in attendance, it provides an opportunity for attendees… Read More

Takeaways From Subsea Expo 2018

PMI certainly enjoyed the always educational environment at Subsea Expo 2018 in Aberdeen! It was a pleasure to meet with so many energetic and skilled specialists working within the industry. The innovative solutions our industry develops continue to amaze and inspire us within the promising direction of the offshore energy market. From the Awards Dinner,… Read More


Universities’ Focus on Underwater Engineering is a Welcome Development in Offshore Wind

It’s impossible to separate underwater engineering from the research emerging from major universities. Indeed, this engineering discipline is proving central to the evolution of offshore wind power in the United States. That’s especially true at three Ohio universities, where researchers are building a scientific and engineering foundation for the development of offshore wind in the… Read More

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5 Reasons Why the EVERGRIP Is The Ideal Solution for Your ROV’s Subsea Cables

We’ve gone in depth before on how cable terminations are used , now we’re going to explain what sets our terminations apart from the competition. Many current terminations require an epoxy/polish method of installation. There are many disadvantages to using epoxy. If you’re using heat-cured epoxy, it takes a ½ to cure, but you need… Read More

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How Deep Ocean Engineering Companies are Diversifying

As the energy market continues to turn away from oil and gas and towards renewable energy, many companies that specialize in deep ocean engineering, like PMI, are following suit. One company that has made great efforts to shift from oil and gas into the renewable energy field are the Norwegian subsea specialists Ocean Installer. The… Read More

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Marine technology training happening in our own backyards

Equipping ROVs is a growing industry for us, so it’s exciting to read about America’s very first Bachelor of Science in Maritime Technology program, offered by Northwestern Michigan College, and their special Falcon ROV. The Falcon is the most widely used ROV in the industry and students are most likely to come across in their working life. We’re thrilled… Read More


Shipwreck exploration is a growing industry for subsea hardware

As we find our products being used more and more for shipwreck explorations, we were really excited to read about this one nearly in our backyard in Lake Michigan and learning that there are many more to discover. The bottom of Lake Michigan is literally a graveyard of shipwrecks. Local maritime historians say 1,200 of the 2,000 sunken vessels… Read More

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The ups and downs of subsea equipment costs

Subsea equipment (umbilicals, risers, flowlines) and pipelines are generally one third of all expenditure of a total project. Equipment purchases add up quickly and in order to save costs, companies will be looking for hardware with proven results – hardware that increases efficiency and quickly realizes a significant return on investment. Statoil CEO Eldar Sætre recently stated that over the… Read More

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Entering new territories

PMI is always searching for new territories for our underwater cable hardware systems.  We strive to make waves in the subsea industry, and seek out projects – like the one below – that set the bar to explore uncharted waters. After months of planning, mobilization and trials, the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE)… Read More

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Marine Robots Development

Geraint West, Director of National Marine Facilities at the National Oceanography Centre, is correct when he says: “The ocean is a dynamic, rapidly changing environment that is a challenge for scientists…” Engineering subsea cable equipment to withstand this challenging environment for marine innovators, like these hopeful grant recipients, is what PMI does best. Recently, a… Read More