tidal energy

Massive Tides Invite Wave of Tidal Energy Research

Fundy Bay is famous for pictures of fishing boats tilted on their hulls — run aground by the immense power of the world’s largest tides. The waters of this scenic coastal inlet along Canada’s Nova Scotia and New Brunswick provinces rise and fall by more than 50 feet twice a day, every day of the… Read More

wind farms

Offshore Wind Farms Still Learning How to Handle Cables

The offshore wind industry has fresh guidance on using reliable standards to determine the best depth for burying offshore wind farm cables. In February 2016, the Offshore Wind Accelerator based in the U.K. published advice to offshore wind farm operators to help them ensure they are burying their power cables at a safe depth. This… Read More

offshore wind

Vision for Offshore Wind Energy Market

The offshore wind industry made significant strides in Europe last year, according to the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA). This growth has broad implications both for the renewables industry and the subsea cable market. EWEA’s “Wind in Power: 2015 European Statistics” report published in February 2016 said European offshore wind installations more than doubled in… Read More

tidal energy affordable

Making tidal energy more affordable

Waves and tides offer some of the most predictable, consistent, and just generally big energy resources available. However, rollouts of actual wave and tidal energy power installations have been slow. Part of the reason for this is that there is no consensus at all on what represents the best device designs to actually harness waves and… Read More

offshore wind

Damage to Subsea Cables a Huge Risk to Offshore Wind Farms

Any young, new industry will have growing pains, and the offshore wind farm industry is no different. Among other issues with offshore wind farms, one of the biggest problems to affect the industry are issues with subsea cables. Failures and issues during installation and maintenance of subsea cables have cost companies millions of dollars and… Read More

wind energy industry

Offshore Wind Energy – The Future of The Energy Industry?

The shift towards sustainable and renewable energy sources has made a real change in the energy industry. As we previously reported on our blog, Europe and Asia lead in wind energy production globally – Denmark itself uses wind power for almost 40% of Danish domestic electricity. The United States continues to grow in the market… Read More

energy industry

Tidal and Wave Energy Industry Struggles With Harsh Ocean Environments

Offshore wind and solar energy have been getting all the attention in the quickly growing renewable energy industry, but there’s another player that is beginning to grow strength in the energy market – ocean waves and tidal currents, or “marine energy”. There are vast amounts of energy that are produced within the moving waters of… Read More

happy holidays

As we embark on 2016, PMI wishes all of our friends in the subsea cable industries a happy and healthy new year

We’re excited for the coming year, and to share the enthusiasm and high expectations among industry leaders for steady growth in 2016. RenewableUK, a trade association for wind and marine energy, predicts a busy year ahead for the wind industry. We couldn’t agree more, with over 50 onshore wind projects, and an additional six offshore… Read More

US renewable energy

Subsea cable hardware will be needed along the US coastline as New York mandates 50% power from renewable sources in 15 years

PMI Industries, Inc.’s location will be extremely beneficial for clients along the east coast in the next few years. As New York is mandating 50 percent renewable energy by 2030, offshore wind and renewable companies will find themselves very busy along the eastern shoreline. One innovative way for these industries to save cost while they… Read More

focus on energy

Rivers in rural areas are a huge focus for the renewable energy field today

For decades, PMI has been extremely focused on building the best products that withstand the extreme environments of the deep ocean. But as we’ve come to work with Offshore Wind and Renewable Energy companies, we understand our product doesn’t have to be used in the deepest and harshest place on our planet, the sea. Instead,… Read More