river energy

Subsea hardware is a natural fit for river energy exploration

Drawing energy from river currents represents a massive untapped source of electricity development. This is especially true in countries like Canada, where rivers and coastal waters provide an enormous range of development options that can provide growth and economic benefits. Indeed, Canada is emerging as a leader in the global marine renewable energy industry, thanks… Read More

offshore wind bid

Netherland’s offshore wind bid: what you need to know

The Dutch Government will soon be inviting offshore wind power companies to bid on building two wind farms off the Dutch coast. Companies bidding the lowest price will be awarded a 30-year permit to build and operate the relevant wind farm. So it’s not a surprise to tell you that everyone will be extremely focused… Read More

offshore wind

Cost efficiency and simplified solutions are top-of-mind for those in offshore wind

Offshore wind might be a new industry, but they are as just as focused on cost efficiencies and simplified solutions as our clients in oil and gas. Those who support them need to supply and produce reliable products that increase performance and lower costs. Our past customers pushed us to innovate and develop “No Tools… Read More

offshore energy

Why offshore energy companies need proven subsea cable terminations

When laying and retrieving submarine cables on the seabed, or performing a cable pull from a vessel to an offshore wind platform, it is often necessary to hold a cable end onboard for up to seven days. Cables must be anchored firmly onboard to keep them in place, and this anchoring is normally done by… Read More

offshore wind industry

Offshore wind is taking our world by storm

You may not have noticed, but offshore wind is taking our world by storm. Since offshore wind turbines are transported by ships and barges, they easily reduce logistical challenges that land-based turbines encounter, such as narrow roadways or tunnels. This allows offshore wind developers to build larger turbines capable of producing more electricity. But what’s… Read More

offshore wind

Offshore wind’s growth rate needs to be matched by an equal pace in reducing costs

Although we are located in the States, we assist companies world-wide with marine cable hardware, deployment, and management. Therefore, we’ve had a front row seat watching Europe position itself as a leader and pioneer in addressing climate change, creating jobs in the offshore wind sector, and reducing fossil fuel imports. And while offshore wind is… Read More

offshore renewables

Offshore Renewable Energy Development on a Worldwide Scale

As our underwater cable products and services continue to serve customers worldwide, we are excited to read about how our global community is working together to share best practices and collaborate on operational solutions within the Welsh marine energy sector. Tapping companies from around the world with expertise in both the marine and energy industries… Read More

offshore wind

Offshore Wind Project Making Progress in U.S. Great Lakes

Our location near the Great Lakes has many advantages. One of them is being a close resource for our east coast clients. The other is getting the chance to witness some fabulous things happening in our territory. LEEDCo has kicked off geotechnical studies in connection with its proposed 18MW Icebreaker offshore wind demonstration project in… Read More

wind turbines

It’s the right time for wind turbines and the hardware that supports them

In 1969, PMI emerged in the underwater market by introducing the helical wire concept for use on underwater cables. And since then, we have earned a global reputation for providing the right products at the right time. Today, as Denmark is proving to generate 140 percent of its electricity needs from wind power, we know that the right time… Read More


Looking ahead: Pushing technology and innovation further

Forward-thinking and progressive companies will push sustainable energy technology and innovation further, testing its boundaries. These companies will advance as they see the value in environmental advocacy. They will be very focused on time and cost cutting methods. At PMI, we are looking into the future with these companies, helping reduce their costs through the use… Read More