ONS 2018 Brings Innovation to Oil and Gas Industry

The PMI team had a busy August having attended the ONS 2018 Conference in Stavanger, Norway. The conference not only provided a chance to connect with industry professionals, government officials, and catch up with clients, but also to learn more about what’s shaking up the market. Innovation is the name of the game Cost reduction… Read More

oil and seismic

Oil and Seismic Industry is Still Making Moves in Deep Ocean Engineering

A new ship in the fleet of Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) suggests low oil prices haven’t closed the spigot of innovation in deep ocean engineering. A naming ceremony in Nagasaki, Japan, in mid-March celebrated PGS’s acquisition of the Ramform Tethys, a new seismic data acquisition ship that’s brimming with the latest 3D and 4D technology for… Read More

subsea industry

Two great ways to tackle the challenges you face in the subsea industry

Operators and suppliers in the offshore oil and gas industry face major challenges as the industry matures: increased production losses, technical issues with legacy equipment, evolving business models for maintenance and repair, supply chain constraints, rising delivery costs, and an inability to improve production. Companies are even putting off recruiting apprentices because of the time… Read More

Norway Oil

Giant oil field will give a significant boost to Norway’s oil sector

PMI has grown up with the oil industry. In 1969, we emerged in the underwater market by introducing the helical wire concept for use on underwater cables. And today, we offer full-service engineering from concept to production, cable hardware and kits, custom cable systems and simulated at-sea testing services. The recent trend in oil prices… Read More

cost savings

Jumpstart your cost savings with hydrodynamic efficiencies

Cost-saving mode is not the best time for trial projects. Instead, it’s an opportunity to drive innovative ways to reduce cost. At PMI, we are focused the potential to save on operating costs by simply considering the hydrodynamic efficiency of your cable hardware. Sinking profits could be a good trigger to reconsider the drilling and completion… Read More

PMI and cables

PMI’s subsea cable hardware supports companies in different industries

Oil energy and renewable energy are two totally different marketplaces, generating two different products used in different ways. As different as they may be, they still require the same equipment – rugged subsea grips, hangers, and terminations – with the same goal: extending service life and maintaining integrity in extreme underwater environments. They operate in… Read More

subsea expo

Technology Shines at Subsea Expo

Prior to the show, Gordon Drummond was quoted, saying: “In the current low oil price environment, innovation and technology will be more important than ever in driving efficiencies and developing effective solutions to the challenges the industry presently faces, particularly in the North Sea.” Driving technology in subsea cable applications is what we do. Our… Read More


Cable Hardware Adds Productivity to PGS’ 3D Seismic Acquisition Vessels

The launch of the Ramform Titan class marine seismic data acquisition ships by Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) mark a new era of subsea oil and gas exploration. The second of these vessels, the Ramform Atlas was launched in January, 2014. The Ramform Titan and Ramform Atlas are designed and built by PGS to be the most powerful and productive of… Read More