PMI Attends Oceanology International 2018

The Oceanology International conference covers such a wide range of industries, all with the common mission of measuring, developing, protecting, or operating in the world’s oceans, providing lots of room for potential collaborations and idea sharing among market leaders. Being a conference with numerous offshore/subsea market leaders in attendance, it provides an opportunity for attendees… Read More

oil and seismic

Oil and Seismic Industry is Still Making Moves in Deep Ocean Engineering

A new ship in the fleet of Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) suggests low oil prices haven’t closed the spigot of innovation in deep ocean engineering. A naming ceremony in Nagasaki, Japan, in mid-March celebrated PGS’s acquisition of the Ramform Tethys, a new seismic data acquisition ship that’s brimming with the latest 3D and 4D technology for… Read More

subsea cable insight

Subsea Cables Providing Insight to the Mysteries of the Ocean Floor

Below the surface of the earth’s crust, there is constant movement as tectonic plates slide past one another and bump into each other.  These plates have rough edges that sometimes get stuck.  When this happens, the rest of the plates keep moving, and when the edges finally unstick, it causes earthquakes. For centuries, scientists have… Read More

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2015 seg

Recap of 2015 SEG New Orleans

Photo credit: Weak oil prices weighed heavily on the folks attending last month’s annual meeting of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. Time and again, the people we talked to at 2015 SEG New Orleans were on the prowl for cooperative cost-saving opportunities. With crude oil prices down more 50 percent from their June 2014… Read More

wave technology

Preparing to equip wave technology companies

In the United States, wave energy technology is less advanced than tidal. But as interest grows, companies like ours are prepared to equip these new tidal power companies with proven subsea cable hardware helping them become profitable sources of electricity. Small tidal power companies are taking advantage of the rising interest in alternative energies. Large amounts of coastal waters… Read More


Cable Hardware Adds Productivity to PGS’ 3D Seismic Acquisition Vessels

The launch of the Ramform Titan class marine seismic data acquisition ships by Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) mark a new era of subsea oil and gas exploration. The second of these vessels, the Ramform Atlas was launched in January, 2014. The Ramform Titan and Ramform Atlas are designed and built by PGS to be the most powerful and productive of… Read More