wave and tidal

5 Complications for Tidal and Wave Energy Devices

Converting the immense power of our oceans into reliable electricity to light our cities, fuel our travels, and make our homes habitable is one of the great engineering challenges of our time. A beguiling array of wave-energy devices, tidal turbines, and coastal-barrage proposals are in the works to meet this challenge, but the prospect of… Read More

Synthetic Cables

Why Should You Consider Synthetic Cables for Your Marine Energy Project

Steel cables have unmatched strength and stability, which is why they’re so common in dry-land uses like elevators, construction cranes, and suspension bridges. But steel cables have troubles in marine environments: they rust, they sink, and they’re just hard to handle easily. Synthetic cables are showing up these days in a lot of marine engineering… Read More

pros cons tidal energy

Pros and Cons of Tidal Energy

Gravity from the sun and moon tugs at the surface of our oceans, creating tides that move massive quantities of water across broad expanses of shoreline twice a day. All that moving water produces kinetic energy we can convert into electrical power. Though all of the earth’s continents have shorelines and tides, we haven’t done… Read More

marine energy devices

Six Obstacles to the Development and Commercialization of Marine Energy Devices

  Marine energy is a beguiling concept because our oceans have massive energy potential. Oceans can produce kinetic energy and store solar energy, both of which can be converted into electricity to replace fossil fuels that contribute to global warming. But surface water on our planet also produces significant challenges: it’s turbulent, corrosive and teeming… Read More

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PMI Proud to Represent the U.S. at International Marine Energies Technology Course

It’s one thing to dream about the immense power residing in our planet’s oceans. It’s quite another to put human ingenuity to work tapping into the ocean’s powers. That was the backdrop of the International Marine Energies Technologies Course, held in mid-March in The Netherlands. Some of the best minds in marine energy technologies gave… Read More

tidal energy

Massive Tides Invite Wave of Tidal Energy Research

Fundy Bay is famous for pictures of fishing boats tilted on their hulls — run aground by the immense power of the world’s largest tides. The waters of this scenic coastal inlet along Canada’s Nova Scotia and New Brunswick provinces rise and fall by more than 50 feet twice a day, every day of the… Read More

gulf stream renewable energy

Harnessing the Power of the Gulf Stream for Marine Renewable Energy

The Gulf Stream moves a stupendous volume of water up the Atlantic Coast of the United States and across the North Atlantic to Europe. Could all that movement provide power to coastal communities? Perhaps, though it’s probably a decade away. A recent article in the Virginian-Pilot of Norfolk, Virginia, explained that scientists are studying the… Read More

sunken wave turbines

Scotland’s Sunken Wave Turbines

The coast of Scotland has some of the world’s strongest waves, which makes it a vital testing ground for wave turbines that convert wave movements into electricity. So it’s no surprise that the Pentland Firth region of the Scottish coast is the site of the $1.5 billion MeyGen turbine project, where offshore cables are being… Read More

tidal energy affordable

Making tidal energy more affordable

Waves and tides offer some of the most predictable, consistent, and just generally big energy resources available. However, rollouts of actual wave and tidal energy power installations have been slow. Part of the reason for this is that there is no consensus at all on what represents the best device designs to actually harness waves and… Read More

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Tidal and Wave Energy Industry Struggles With Harsh Ocean Environments

Offshore wind and solar energy have been getting all the attention in the quickly growing renewable energy industry, but there’s another player that is beginning to grow strength in the energy market – ocean waves and tidal currents, or “marine energy”. There are vast amounts of energy that are produced within the moving waters of… Read More