PMI’s subsea cable hardware supports companies in different industries

Oil energy and renewable energy are two totally different marketplaces, generating two different products used in different ways. As different as they may be, they still require the same equipment – rugged subsea grips, hangers, and terminations – with the same goal: extending service life and maintaining integrity in extreme underwater environments.

They operate in different markets. Oil is predominantly used for transport—cars, trucks, planes. Very little of it is used for power; oil accounts for less than 1 percent of power generation in the United States and Canada, for example, and not much more in Europe. Globally, the figure is around 5 percent. Renewables, in contrast, are used mostly to create electricity. The more important factor for renewables, then, is not the price of oil, but the price of electricity, and the latter is not entirely a function of the cost of fuel. The electrical grid itself is expensive, which is why US power costs, which are relatively low in global terms (an average of 12 cents per kilowatt-hour), have been rising. In Europe and Japan, electricity costs are significantly higher, and the relative position of renewables is correspondingly better. Read more…