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PMI creates high-end, custom engineered underwater cable hardware designed to guard against ocean cable and equipment damage, extend service life and maintain cable integrity in extreme underwater environments. Our cable hardware is proven to reduce the cost of maintaining subsea cables over time. That’s the Power of PMI.

And to help minimize the impact of equipment costs, we work closely with each customer to find a solution within budget. We create top-quality cable hardware for a variety of subsea applications, but if you need something a little more specific to your operations, we can custom-engineer parts to your specifications.

The result – our clients increase efficiency and quickly realize a significant return on investment.

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The recipe for success

PMI Cable Hardware Success

There is no shortage of new technologies and ideas in the wave and tidal energy business. New floating tidal platforms in the Netherlands are already feeding electricity to the Dutch grid almost upon deployment. The results are amazing and not yet seen in the tidal industry until now.

Their recipe for success is one we share – minimize the impact of equipment costs and grow with minimized risk. That’s exactly how we work customers to find a solution within budget and create top-quality cable hardware maintaining cable integrity in extreme underwater environments.

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3 Great Ways To Save on Your Next Project


Use PMI’s Test Lab to ensure survivability of your equipment, improve outcomes and reduce maintenance costs.


Have PMI custom engineer a solution that decreases cable deployment time, reduce failures, and is more cost-effective.


Use PMI’s Proven Cable Grips, Hangers, and Terminations for long service life, ease of installation, and reduced lead times.