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Cable Hardware Adds Productivity to PGS’ 3D Seismic Acquisition Vessels

The launch of the Ramform Titan class marine seismic data acquisition ships by Petroleum Geo‐Services (PGS) mark a new era of subsea oil and gas exploration. The second of these vessels, the Ramform Atlas was launched in January, 2014. The Ramform Titan and Ramform Atlas are designed and built by PGS to be the most powerful and productive of their kind using the latest marine and electronic seismic technologies.
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Seismic lead-in termination for wide tow/high loads

Today’s 3d seismic operators tow 16 plus streamers to provide staggering amounts of data to meet client demands. This has led the industry to push for a low profile full strength seismic lead termination that can grip a faired lead-in as well as provide lead-in bend protection. In addition, the termination must be able to be installed mid span at any location on the lead-in and be conveniently designed so it can be wound on a cable drum.
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MarineTechnology Reporter Profiles

The gripping principles of PMI’s products are based on the geometry and behavior of helically performed wire. Through innovation and exhaustive laboratory testing, this unique helical gripping concept
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Minimize downtime by protecting your multi-million dollar cable investment

The ever-growing oceanographic industry has seen an increase in demand for more enhanced, precise, high-resolution data interpretation equipment. Today’s high-tech instrumentation can be found on vessels across the globe. Millions of dollars have been invested into the most accurate data processing equipment on the market today, but how do you protect that investment?
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DAM/BLOK Electrical Splice Kit

The DAM/BLOK™ Electrical Splice Kit is a field proven, reliable electrical connection between your cable and connector. Precision precast polyurethane compression dams, water block QWIK-Pin™ contacts and polyurethane over-mold prevent cable leak water and outside seawater from passing through the splice to the electrical connection. The Dam/Blok™ Splice uses ambient pressure to prevent internal water migration.
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