DYNA-HANGER II™ Mid-Span Cable Suspension System

Designed for Faster, Safer High-Load Seismic Towing

DYNA-HANGER II system offers multiple degrees of freedom which allow spreader rope loads to pass through with minimal effect on the lead-in cable.

The tool-free design allows for ease of installation, with faster cable deployments and retrievals. Installation can be performed anywhere along the cable for unlimited attachment possibilities in a few simple steps:

  • Wrap the helical rods on the lead-in
  • Install split housing and collar assembly; secure with quick release pins
  • Mount suspension arms and sheaves
  • Installation complete

Apply helical rods on cable

Install split housing and collar

Add suspension arms

Secure in place

Several configurable kits and accessories are available:

  • Sheave Kit
  • Rotating Sheave Mount Kit
  • Sheave Pin Kit with Weak Link (break away feature at specified load)
  • Pad Eye for float attachment and back-up rope
  • Floatation DYNA II
  • DYNA-BSR™ Bending Strain Relief

Reusable Hardware Offers Significant Cost Savings

The DYNA II Retermination Kit includes new helical rods and inserts to allow you to re-use the outer hardware. Storage on the cable drum is possible by removing the outer hardware while leaving the housing or the helical rods intact.

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