EVERGRIP™ Helical Gripping Termination is Easy to Install, Rugged, and Reusable

This termination is ideal for use on electrical, optical, and mechanical cable or wire rope. It is designed to hold the tension member securely and generates full-rated breaking strength. The complete tension member passes through the termination intact. Tensile load transfers gradually from cable to termination with no stress concentration to damage your cable.

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  • Wrap-on helical rod design
  • Furnished in galvanized steel; other materials such as stainless steel are available upon request
  • Field-installable and easily applied
  • No special tools or cable preparation is required
  • Compatible with many jacketed strength members
  • Readily installed on your cable for immediate use
  • Removable and reusable with a Retermination Kit that includes new rods and insert

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