End Cable Problems with CABLE-GRIP™ and STOPPER-GRIP™ Terminations

CABLE-GRIP™ terminations are for cable diameters less than 1.0” and STOPPER-GRIP™ terminations are for cable diameters 1.0” and over. PMI grips are fully capable of holding your cable to the rated breaking strength. The helical wire design permits easy installation anywhere along the length of the cable and does not require access to the cable end. The complete cable passes through the termination intact. Tensile load transfers gradually from cable to termination with no stress concentration to damage your cable.

  • Field installable wrap-on design
  • No tools or cable preparation is required
  • Sizes .125″ (3mm) and up
  • Standard grips furnished in galvanized steel; Other materials (stainless steel, etc.) available upon request
  • Compatible with many jacketed and synthetic strength members
  • Thimbles available upon request


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