DAM/BLOK™ Subsea Electrical Cable Splice Kits

These splices are comprised of a unique combination of up to three levels of sealing protection that produce a highly reliable, full-ocean depth pressure splice.

PMI-cable-splicekit   PMI-dam-blok

Mechanical seals, chemical bonds, positive water blocking, and a polyurethane over-mold work together to prevent leak water present in the cable or seawater outside the cable from passing through the splice to the electrical connection.

Radial squeeze resulting from compression dams prevent any leaking water migrating along the non–bondable elements from passing through.

No driving force present can overcome the persisting interference due to the isostatic nature of the seal (same pressure exists on all sides of the seal). The DAM/BLOK™ Splice uses ambient pressure to prevent internal water migration.

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