About PMI Industries, Inc.

We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and testing underwater cable hardware and assemblies. Over many decades we have earned a global reputation for providing the right products at the right time, which ultimately reduces costs by increasing productivity and equipment service life.

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Commitment to Quality

PMI is committed to providing the military, commercial, and scientific communities with the most robust cable and hardware systems available.

The robustness of our products drives survivability, a single word that describes the expert engineering PMI Industries puts into cable system design.


Who We Help

PMI provides underwater cable products and services to customers worldwide. We partner closely with our customers working in ocean industries and educational and research institutions exploring marine frontiers.

History of PMI Industries, Inc.

In 1969, PMI emerged in the underwater engineering market by introducing the helical wire concept for use on underwater cables.

As we continued to develop underwater cable terminations, we earned a reputation for manufacturing highly reliable underwater cable systems, assemblies, and products.

Today, we offer full-service engineering from concept to production, cable hardware and kits, cable protection and management, custom cable systems, and simulated at-sea testing services.

In January 2017, PMI was ISO 9001: 2015 with Design certified.


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