Independent Testing Services for Cable, Hardware, and Devices

Ensure Survivability of
Your Cable System at Sea

Typical at-sea conditions can cause catastrophic failures to your cable system. Our testing facility is fully equipped to simulate service conditions experienced by underwater cable systems and devices. Performing extensive laboratory testing can help you identify potential problems prior to use.

PMI’s specialty is to provide insight into the interaction between the strength member and attached hardware or the complete cable assembly. We will test all or any part of your project:

Testing services can be uniquely tailored to meet your needs:

  • Evaluation, qualification, design verification, and acceptance test programs
  • Continuous monitoring of power and signal conductors and optical fibers throughout testing
  • Certification and qualification to meet government, commercial, institutional and international standards
  • Standardized test methods and test report format IAW ANSI Z39.18
  • Confidential results and on-site record retention


  • Break Strength
  • Test Load vs. Elongation Data
  • Proof Load Certification
  • Dynamic Load Simulation
  • Fatigue and Retirement Criteria
  • Cable Design Verification/Qualification
  • Certification of Cable Assemblies
  • Pretensioning of cable prior to terminating

Hydrostatic Pressure

  • Simulate At-Depth Pressure Loading
  • Verify Seal and Electrical and Optical Performance


  • Static and Dynamic Cable Qualification
  • Simulate Handling System Problems
  • Qualify Cable Fairing and Hardware
  • Verify Wet/Dry Fatigue Performance
  • Cable Jacket Abrasion Tests
  • Simulate Tow Point Dynamics
  • Fatigue Testing
  • Design Qualification

Measurement and Analysis

  • Tension vs. Torque
  • Tension vs. Rotation
  • Torque Balance verification
  • Cable Qualification
  • Verify “Non-Rotating”
  • Test for Twist Resistance
  • Torque Restraint Testing Verification
  • Monitoring & Measurement of Conductor and/or Optical Fiber Performance


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