Preserve the Life of Subsea Cables with EVERFLEX™ Bending Strain Relief (BSR)

The EVERFLEX™ BSR extends cable life for fixed, towed, and moored systems, and many other oceanographic and offshore petroleum applications.

  • No prep work is required to install and full installation takes minutes with a slip-on design.
  • Two models are available: internally threaded sleeve coupling and modified pipe flange mounting ring.
  • Both models secure with the appropriate fastening mechanism.
  • Light duty models are also available.

By controlling bending stresses and strains at rigid attachment points and limiting bending radius, stress is reduced in the critical transition area with flexible cable interfaces and rigid attachments.

PMI EverFlex

In laboratory tests, double-armored electro-mechanical cables have failed under severe bend conditions in about 5,000 cycles (less than 24 hours of continuous flexing). With an EVERFLEX bending strain relief, under identical loading conditions, the cable life exceeded half a million cycles.

Under high loads and large angle deflections, cable bending is controlled by increasing stiffness of heavier sections of the EVERFLEX bending strain relief near the rigid attachment point.

With an EVERFLEX bending strain relief, the point of maximum bending travels along the length of the cable within the bending strain relief as load conditions vary. This distributes the otherwise localized bending conditions to increase cable life.


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