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DYNA-SWIVEL™ Cable Swivels for Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical and Electro-Optical Cables

Underwater cables often experience sudden and uncontrolled releases of rotational energy. When a tensioned cable is unable to rotate and suddenly goes slack, stored torque can throw the cable into loops and hockles. Upon cable re-tensioning, kinks, damage and failure can occur.

DYNA-SWIVEL fast-acting swivels respond to low cable torque and allows unrestrained rotation. The cable is able to release stored torque to prevent catastrophic cable failure.


  • Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical & Electro-Optical models available
  • High Working Load and Low Break-away or Starting Torque (Starting torque as low as 10 in-oz on smaller models)
  • Stacked angular contact ball bearings for rotational friction
  • Oil filled diaphragm for automatic pressure temperature compensation
  • Spring-loaded rotary shaft seal prevents intrusion and oil loss
  • Corrosion resistant shaft seal carrier and prevents deterioration in service
  • O-ring seals on all threaded parts allow for easy repairs
  • Factory sealed construction and vacuum assures reliable performance
  • Choice of Mechanical End-Fittings and Electrical Optical Connectors
  • Up to 18 Electrical Channels (1A @ 400V)
  • Optional Fiber Optic Channels

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