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Tidal and Wave Energy Industry Struggles With Harsh Ocean Environments

Offshore wind and solar energy have been getting all the attention in the quickly growing renewable energy industry, but there’s another player that is beginning to grow strength in the energy market – ocean waves and tidal currents, or “marine energy”. There are vast amounts of energy that are produced within the moving waters of… Read More

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As we embark on 2016, PMI wishes all of our friends in the subsea cable industries a happy and healthy new year

We’re excited for the coming year, and to share the enthusiasm and high expectations among industry leaders for steady growth in 2016. RenewableUK, a trade association for wind and marine energy, predicts a busy year ahead for the wind industry. We couldn’t agree more, with over 50 onshore wind projects, and an additional six offshore… Read More

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Why the growing renewable energy market should be concerned about subsea cable vulnerability

As the world’s energy sources quickly shift towards renewables, wind farms are becoming a leading source of sustainable power. With many of these wind farms being located miles off shore, engineers depend on subsea cables to move power to and from the farms. When dealing with miles of cables, length, wear and tear, and improper… Read More

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How geography is shaping the offshore wind industry

While it appears as thought the U.S. is falling far behind Europe in the Offshore Wind and Wave Energy department, you really need to understand the lay of the land – literally.  The U.S. coastline, with a relatively small continental shelf, is not quite as amenable as Europe’s North Sea for offshore wave and wind…. Read More

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Rivers in rural areas are a huge focus for the renewable energy field today

For decades, PMI has been extremely focused on building the best products that withstand the extreme environments of the deep ocean. But as we’ve come to work with Offshore Wind and Renewable Energy companies, we understand our product doesn’t have to be used in the deepest and harshest place on our planet, the sea. Instead,… Read More

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Netherland’s offshore wind bid: what you need to know

The Dutch Government will soon be inviting offshore wind power companies to bid on building two wind farms off the Dutch coast. Companies bidding the lowest price will be awarded a 30-year permit to build and operate the relevant wind farm. So it’s not a surprise to tell you that everyone will be extremely focused… Read More

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Offshore wind is taking our world by storm

You may not have noticed, but offshore wind is taking our world by storm. Since offshore wind turbines are transported by ships and barges, they easily reduce logistical challenges that land-based turbines encounter, such as narrow roadways or tunnels. This allows offshore wind developers to build larger turbines capable of producing more electricity. But what’s… Read More

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Offshore Wind Project Making Progress in U.S. Great Lakes

Our location near the Great Lakes has many advantages. One of them is being a close resource for our east coast clients. The other is getting the chance to witness some fabulous things happening in our territory. LEEDCo has kicked off geotechnical studies in connection with its proposed 18MW Icebreaker offshore wind demonstration project in… Read More

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The recipe for subsea success

There is no shortage of new technologies and ideas in the wave and tidal energy business. New floating tidal platforms in the Netherlands are already feeding electricity to the Dutch grid almost upon deployment. The results are amazing and not yet seen in the tidal industry until now, Their recipe for success is one we… Read More

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Keeping up with the hardware needs of renewable energy

  Submarine power cables are going to be critical to bring renewable energy on shore as this industry grows. And this industry is going to grow fast as many non-utility purchasers, such as IKEA, Facebook and Google, are jumping on the bandwagon and beginning to invest in wind power. It’s imperative that these growing energy… Read More