energy revolution

Keeping an eye on trends leading the energy revolution

There’s no shortage of bad news these days, but looking at the trends in renewable energy, there’s plenty of hope. Last year, the world broke a record for new wind installations, installing nearly three wind turbines each hour. At that rate the need for proven subsea equipment will certainly increase as well. At PMI, we are focused on this… Read More

wind turbines

It’s the right time for wind turbines and the hardware that supports them

In 1969, PMI emerged in the underwater market by introducing the helical wire concept for use on underwater cables. And since then, we have earned a global reputation for providing the right products at the right time. Today, as Denmark is proving to generate 140 percent of its electricity needs from wind power, we know that the right time… Read More

PMI and cables

PMI’s subsea cable hardware supports companies in different industries

Oil energy and renewable energy are two totally different marketplaces, generating two different products used in different ways. As different as they may be, they still require the same equipment – rugged subsea grips, hangers, and terminations – with the same goal: extending service life and maintaining integrity in extreme underwater environments. They operate in… Read More