Subsea Cable Hardware for Marine Renewable Devices

As marine renewable energy engineers and project managers, part of your job is to minimize the impact of equipment costs. At PMI, our job is to create high-end, custom-engineered subsea cable hardware that reduces maintenance costs, increases efficiency and offers a significant return on investment.

We custom engineer subsea cable solutions for companies around the globe. While offshore renewable energy continues to experience rapid growth and development, it requires the kind of deep ocean engineering experience we offer. We are excited to be part of this growing industry and are currently creating custom solutions for cable management, installation, repair, and mooring strategies for platform applications.

Our cable hardware solutions for the marine renewable energy sector include:

  • Proven subsea cable grips, hangers, and terminations for long service life, ease of installation, and reduced lead times
  • Cost-effective custom-engineered solutions that decrease cable deployment time and reduce failures
  • A test lab to ensure survivability of your equipment, improve outcomes, and reduce maintenance costs

We build accessories that make it easier to use cables in the ocean. Given that all marine energy devices have to transmit electricity over cables, we’re excited about the potential of marine energy.

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If you’re working on a marine renewable energy project and struggling with cable issues, get in touch. We’re happy to provide a free consultation to discuss how our subsea cable hardware solutions can positively impact your project.