Norway Oil

Giant oil field will give a significant boost to Norway’s oil sector

PMI has grown up with the oil industry. In 1969, we emerged in the underwater market by introducing the helical wire concept for use on underwater cables. And today, we offer full-service engineering from concept to production, cable hardware and kits, custom cable systems and simulated at-sea testing services. The recent trend in oil prices… Read More

hardware renewable energy

Keeping up with the hardware needs of renewable energy

  Submarine power cables are going to be critical to bring renewable energy on shore as this industry grows. And this industry is going to grow fast as many non-utility purchasers, such as IKEA, Facebook and Google, are jumping on the bandwagon and beginning to invest in wind power. It’s imperative that these growing energy… Read More

subsea cable damage

Preventing cable damage at the forefront

Did you know that submarine cables are at most risk of damage during installation? Stresses placed upon the cable as it is installed can manifest and cause catastrophic failures to your system. The time it takes to repair such a cable can vary from weeks to many months and becomes a costly endeavor. Using a… Read More

energy training

Marine technology training happening in our own backyards

Equipping ROVs is a growing industry for us, so it’s exciting to read about America’s very first Bachelor of Science in Maritime Technology program, offered by Northwestern Michigan College, and their special Falcon ROV. The Falcon is the most widely used ROV in the industry and students are most likely to come across in their working life. We’re thrilled… Read More

energy revolution

Keeping an eye on trends leading the energy revolution

There’s no shortage of bad news these days, but looking at the trends in renewable energy, there’s plenty of hope. Last year, the world broke a record for new wind installations, installing nearly three wind turbines each hour. At that rate the need for proven subsea equipment will certainly increase as well. At PMI, we are focused on this… Read More


Shipwreck exploration is a growing industry for subsea hardware

As we find our products being used more and more for shipwreck explorations, we were really excited to read about this one nearly in our backyard in Lake Michigan and learning that there are many more to discover. The bottom of Lake Michigan is literally a graveyard of shipwrecks. Local maritime historians say 1,200 of the 2,000 sunken vessels… Read More

marine power innovation

Innovation is the future for marine power

As engineers, we naturally love to innovate. That’s what is so exciting about what the future holds for us in alternative energy. While our subsea hardware has been proven for over 40 years, we are also equally proven in custom-engineering parts for unique cable innovations and ready to tackle what the future has in store for us. Turbines designed in the… Read More

subsea equipment

The ups and downs of subsea equipment costs

Subsea equipment (umbilicals, risers, flowlines) and pipelines are generally one third of all expenditure of a total project. Equipment purchases add up quickly and in order to save costs, companies will be looking for hardware with proven results – hardware that increases efficiency and quickly realizes a significant return on investment. Statoil CEO Eldar Sætre recently stated that over the… Read More

subsea projects

Take control by reducing the costs of your subsea projects

If you are looking to lower costs and improve the economic outcomes of deepwater projects, you should consider the hydrodynamic efficiency of your subsea hardware and how that impacts your fuel costs. It’s everyone’s favorite pastime, but no one can predict what the oil price might be—it’s an uncontrollable aspect that can and will again dramatically impact this… Read More

wave technology

Preparing to equip wave technology companies

In the United States, wave energy technology is less advanced than tidal. But as interest grows, companies like ours are prepared to equip these new tidal power companies with proven subsea cable hardware helping them become profitable sources of electricity. Small tidal power companies are taking advantage of the rising interest in alternative energies. Large amounts of coastal waters… Read More