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A Wide Choice of Cable Hardware to Meet Your Needs

Count on PMI to provide the right hardware choices for subsea cables. Each one provides ease of installation, fast availability and rugged performance.

Seismic Towed Array Cable Hardware – 3D, 4D and Wide Azimuth

DYNA-HANGER II™ cable hangers can be positioned anywhere along cables to attach other cables for towed array applications. It is designed to provides secure, fast tool-free assembly and can be installed on cables with unlimited attachment possibilities. They offer multiple-degrees of freedom to allows spreader rope loads to pass through the hanger with minimal effect on the lead-in cable.

DYNA BSR™ cable strain relief system reduces bending loads on cables. It features an easy-to-assemble two-piece construction and does not require any special tools for installation. It is performance-matched with the DYNA II cable hangers for the ultimate cable bend protection.

DYNA II™ Lite cable hangers provide substantial weight savings while towing. They are ideal for applications where a high load rating is not needed.

DYNA II™ Mini cable hangers are used in applications where floatation ropes could become entangled. They provide independent height adjustments of the streamers without the need to adjust the high load bearing DYNA II cable hangers.

DYNA II™ Umbilical cable hangers provide a rigid attachment point for umbilical float attachments. It includes the quick release features common to DYNA II cable hangers.

Cable Bending and Abrasion Protection

EVERFLEX™ bending strain relief system features a composite design of polyurethane and helical steel rods to provide graduated stiffness to protect tensioned cables. When attached to an EVERGRIP™ termination, additional bend protection is provided.

Helical Armor Rods are available to protect against chafing and localized bending. These wrap-on rods can be applied anywhere along the cable.

Helical Gripping Terminations

These helical wrap-on designs hold the tension member securely and typically generate full-rated-breaking-strength.

CABLE-GRIP™ and STOPPER-GRIP™ terminations for use on electrical, optical and mechanical cables or wire rope. They can be applied anywhere along the length of the cable.

EVERGRIP™ termination is a full-strength field-installable cable termination for electrical, optical or mechanical cables and wire rope. Its helical rods provide an added degree of bending strain relief protection where the cable leaves the termination. It is removable and re-usable with installation of a Re-termination Kit that includes new rods and insert.

DYNA-GRIP® termination is a full-strength termination intended for dynamic applications where a more permanent solution is required.

Cable & Connector Splice Kits

DAM/BLOK™ electrical splice kit is a full ocean depth cable splice that prevents water from passing through the splice to the electrical connection. It is an ideal cable splice to connect pigtails, cables or multiple cables.



DYNA-HANGER II cable hangers and DYNA BSR strain relief systems


CABLE-GRIP installation 

evergrip Termination

EVERGRIP termination with the DAM/BLOK splice kit