marine biogeography

How Marine Biogeography Helps the Quest for Renewable Energy

If you follow the evolution of marine energy like we do, you’re bound to see references to marine biogeography. We’ve come to see why marine biogeography will play a crucial role in the development of offshore wind and other marine-energy sources. The basics on marine biogeography What is marine biogeography, and why does it matter… Read More

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offshore energy 2016

PMI Attends Offshore Energy 2016

  It was a tale of two sectors ­last week at Offshore Energy 2016 in Amsterdam. On one hand, conference sessions and convention hall crowds talked up the turbulence stirring the oil-and-gas sector. On the other, experts debated the prospect of slowing climate change and extolled the prospects of massive growth in Northern Europe’s offshore… Read More

oil and seismic

Oil and Seismic Industry is Still Making Moves in Deep Ocean Engineering

A new ship in the fleet of Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) suggests low oil prices haven’t closed the spigot of innovation in deep ocean engineering. A naming ceremony in Nagasaki, Japan, in mid-March celebrated PGS’s acquisition of the Ramform Tethys, a new seismic data acquisition ship that’s brimming with the latest 3D and 4D technology for… Read More